Cosmetic Repair Insurance
Our Cosmetic Repair Insurance covers the costs of repairs to Dents, Scratches, Scuffs and Stone Chips. Each claim can be up to £250 with an aggregate claim limit of £3,000. There is a £10 Excess on each claim agreed. Excludes Business use
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Alloy Wheel Insurance
Our Alloy Wheel Insurance will pay for the costs of repairs to your alloy wheels, in the event of accidental damage. Covers up to £100 per Claim and £1,000 in aggregate. 1 - 3 years cover available. Excludes diamond cut and polished wheels
Combination Gap and RTI Insurance
Our Combination GAP and RTI insurance is designed to pay the shortfall between the insurer’s market value and greater of: 1) the original purchase price of your vehicle or 2) the amount needed to settle any outstanding finance. A claim will be paid following the total loss of your vehicle due to accident, fire, theft, vandalism or flood. Claim limits from £5,000 to £50,000 over periods of 1 - 4 years available.
Motor Excess Waiver
Our Motor Excess Waiver will pay your motor excess for you, in the event of a valid claim on your motor insurance policy, that results in you having to pay an excess. You can choose from periods of 1 - 4 years with claim limits from £250 up to £2,000 available